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the "haunted" dollhouse

so - i just watched the 10th episode of DOLLHOUSE - i am pretty sure you have heard about the show. its from BUFFY's Joss Whedon, with Eliza Dushku starring as a Doll - and no - i will not repeat a description of the whole idea behind the show because i am not wikipedia - if you don't know what its about - go there and find out or stop reading this entry because it will be primarily about it.

my god - its a stand alone episode

watching the trailer 2 weeks ago (yeah - don't even get me started on the one week hiatus the show had to take because FOX decided they prefer airing a REPEAT episode of prison break last week, but whatever) - i felt kinda worried. why? because it was pretty clear that this episode would be another stand-alone one .. and yeah - to be honest - the stand alones were pretty .. meh - up to now. the show was pretty strong when it was about the mystery behind the dollhouse and alpha - but the standalones - no - didn't like them THAT much.

but wow - this episode really nailed it. of course - the idea behind it sounded pretty lame. A woman was killed at the beginning and afterwords brought back as an imprint of echo - y? because she was a friend of Adelle and kind-a paranoid. So - she visited her funeral (who wouldn't wanna do THAT.. rofl) and than started to investigate her own murder.

sounds lame - it really does - but it turned out so well. Visiting her miserable family and being forced to see what they really thought of her - was great. best moment of the episode for me - when she had a conversation with her son (in echos body) and than her son thought she was hitting on him and flat-on kissed her - which caused her to nearly puke right into his face.

i really laughed like hell - and the rest of the drama worked well as well - the final twist - didn't even see it coming at the end.

i just found one

the melli/november and fbi agent storyline is always great - because most of the time, it works in its own little universe. the revelation of the last episode was, of course, earth-.shattering. he now knows that she is a doll programmed to find out how much he knows about the dollhouse - and he has to keep up the facade because otherwise he will be killed - which leads to really interesting scenes. but with the season (and possibly series) finale coming up, these won't play out that long

tophers special day

you know - i really don't like topher. i find the character or the actor (i am still not sure) pretty irritating. but this week, his storyline was great. he told Boyd that he'd need a doll for some kind of tests and he gave him Sierra - which he later imprinted with some kind of "best friend"-personality. they played, had fun, all normal stuff. later on, Boyd reports him to Adelle, thats when we as viewers realize that she is aware of the situation, but is giving him his special day (it seems to be his birthday) - because loneliness never helps in any situation. i think i can't exactly find the words for it - but i thought this little b-storyline really worked well

of course not everything is perfect, stupid

yeah - sure, there are hardly perfect episodes and this one is no exception - echos new handler really is a problem for me. not only do we hardly see him (i think he wasn't even in the episode) - which seems kinda strange when we think about the amount of screentime Boyd had, when he filled that position. but there was another problem in this particular episode - i hope this doesn't sound racist and stuff - but the first moment i saw the husband of the woman who was murdered - i thought that was echos handler . even later on, i was still not sure - which of course, seems rather stupid and side-by-side, they may differ a lot - but this didn't really work for me.

the ratings suck ass

yeah - and finally - i have to talk about the ratings, because they really really suck, omg. thinking running behind Terminator:SCC would be worse - now seems like a golden age of prime time - my god, prison break really tore down the night, barely scratching the 3 mio mark. of course, this is still not an excuse for Dollhouse to not be able to stand on its own feet - at least a bit. the episode had about 3 mio viewers which marks a new low - and to be honest - i don't see how fox could renew the show for another season :-/

so, these was my little rant about the episode - love you all :)
i always try to be my best ;-)

hi ho world

so - its me again. i thought it was about time to write something in here again. i mean its not like my live has changed or anything - i am still doing my internship - which i really like. i have learned so much there - it has been 2 month last week but i feel like i have learned more than in the 5 semesters of my studies.. but on the other hand, its pretty stressful. i always thought that i am a person who likes stress - and i really do. i like to organize things, i really like to feel like working - but you know - i am working as an internet-programmer - so there actually is not a lot of "organizing" going on - i am programming most of the time, which i like and stuff, but i am not really sure if this is really the stuff i'd like to do for the next 10 years or so..

but whutever - last weekend, my flatmate and me bought some new shelves at Ikea for our own little "bar" - i really like it a lot. these walls always felt abandoned ... now i only have to get rid of this huge desk  *g*

yeah - thats it for today - i did drink some baileys before writing this so please excuse mistakes or sudden change of themes :)

love you guys, xoxo ;-)

the watchmen experience

well - couple of weeks ago, someone on my twitter account told me, that i should read WATCHMEN - and after all the hype from the movie, i went along and bought the graphic novel, not expecting anything because - frankly i had no idea what it was about and i had no idea, how credible the hype from the comic-geek-fanbase really was.

well - i just finished it and to some it up - it was a great experience after all. this is not a typical comic book - it is a miniseries consisting of 12 chapters (which are, of course, available as one book) which has a distinct beginning and ending.

its not like the xmen or spiderman comics, where you have this whole universe of story you should know about - there are these 12 chapters and thats it. which is kind-of intriguing- knowing that it has an ending takes the pressure of submitting yourself to another ongoing series. 

and well - right now, i am kind of sad that the story is over. the book was great, with a lot of twists and turns, great characters and a surprising story. so - guess what. now i am kind of sad that it was just a miniseries and that the story was not continued.

sure, the story has an ending, but not everybody dies, but of course, continuing the WATCHMEN would just take the originality the miniseries has had for years.

so - now i am really looking forward to the movie - i hope they'll release the dvd in the near future because i have to see it :)


Meme: level of weirdness

stolen from nobodysleeps 

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dreams and other stuff

so - lately i had one of those stupid dreams again where i was out having fun and than i started looking for my car, which is itself pretty random. and yeah - its just a car, so whatever. but well, problem is, i keep having dreams where i loose stuff. If its my car (and hell, who is stupid enough to loose a car? its not like you could drop it somehwere accidentally) or if its people.

i kind of feel lost right now - i mean, you don't have the have studied psychology to get what my "loosing dreams" are all about - loosing my mother with the age of 17 really damaged me, and i haven't fully recovered from that experience - but how can someone recover from something like that?

she was, for 17 years, the most important person in my life. and of course, we had the usual mother/son stuff going on, we fought like hell in my teen phase - but nevertheless, i loved her so much, thinking about it, i would have given everything for her - which is kind of embarrassing for a young male, but well, i don'T give a shit. my parents divorced when i was 5 oder 6 and she was the one person who has always been there for me. so loosing her to cancer when i was 17 - it left me hurt and damaged and i am still hurting. she has been dead for more than 5 years now - so yeah, i have given up on the fact that it will "someday be okay", because it is not, but yeah - we all have to live with our problems, i guess.

but don't get me wrong, i love life, i just feel empty from time to time.


new layout

wow - i just realized how easy it is to modify the lj styles with css - thankspowerofnature  for the tip :)

i plan on posting more regularly here again - but i'm still mostly using my twitter account :)

i am reading your posts though - and hopefully find time to comment



so - i am on twitter now - in case anyone is interessted, you can find me here: http://twitter.com/aliasnews

does any one of oyu guys have twitter?

lj in trouble?

wow - it will probably be nothing and everyone will end up beeing happy and stuff - but nevertheles - i just found out that LJ is in some kind of trouble and now panic is spreading that the site might actually shut down. You have no idea what i'm talking about? Well, take a look!

so - calm down, this is just IN CASE OF EMERCENCY .. most of the users seem to have created a back-up blog at insanejournal.com .. so we will still be able to contact each other IF lj disappaers (which is still highly unlikely but hey.. everything is possible these days)

So if you decide to do the same (which would be great, i love everyone on my flist and it would be a shame to lose each other) - please add me as a friend to your insanejournal acount - you can find mine here:


Spread the word :) But don't panic too much, i still think that LJ will not disappear


Sleep is overrated...

Hallo here i am again!

1) the end of the semester is coming nearer and nearer so i am just writing like hell on my bachelor paper.. god i would give my liver for a already finished paper right now .. rofl

2) Brothers and Sisters 3x11 "A Father Dreams"

god, i love this show so much. its one of the best family-dramas i have seen and - well, the actors are great

the latest episode dealt with the fact that Kevin found out that he is the biological father of Tommys Kid - and because he had to an OP the episode before, Kevin needed some taking care of. So - his mother and his husband took care of him as if he was a little toddler, while he was struggling with "nightmares" of his biological daughter which even included a scene where Kevin was making out with Julia - really funny, rofl. although it seemed really strange that Julia was in his room when he was waking up .. and later on noone seemed to remember that she was even in the house at all. whatever, its julia, with 3 scenes she had 2 more than normal, so, we should just be happy and take what we get. Justin, on the other hand, was at school with his nephew where he presented him as "the person he admires the most, because he is at home all day, still living with his mom and playing computergames all day long" .. which well, did turn out to be pretty embarrassing for Justin. in the end, Justin and Kevin went to a fancy hotel to get some space, where Justin went right into another "Walker"-Intervention and Thommy asked Kevin to give up his rights as father of his child.

the episode was great, i really really love this show :) i am a little afraid for the fate of julia though .. i fear they will completely get rid of her now that they are not renewing the contract of Ghetty. The abscence of Rebecca was also pretty strange - considering that Justin had such an important part of the story. But, well - who saw that coming? I was afraid she will get downgraded to "justins girlfriend" after she was dewalkered - and ithe process is well on its way 

3) Desperate Housewives 5x11 "Home is the Place"

So, Desperate Housewives also returned. I think season 5 turned out to be pretty good - but well, it's not MUST SEE for me anymore, the episode was pretty good though - although i didn't get why Edie was so upset about Dave beeing married once before, i mean, his wife died and he is obviously heartbroken, i don't think that THAT big a deal.. but hey, whatever.

jack will be proud

wow - the second post in a day - what a miracle.

but NOW something happened thats worth writing about: i was just called and informed that i got the internship at seam.at

i am so fuckin happy i cant even find the right words right now - as you all probably know, i am studying "Mediatechnology and Design" in the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg and for the sixth semester we have to do an internship and i was really nervous because the clock was running and i still didn't have one.

thank god i don't have to worry about THAT anymore - so i'll be really happy the next couple of hours or so and will then start to worry about the other stuff again

oh and btw: ich changed the style of my LJ to reflect the freezing temps out there - rofl